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Kevin Garrett

Kevin Garrett is an American musician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based out of Brooklyn, New York. This talented young musician has already been nominated for his work on Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ album, and I have a feeling it will only be the first of many. There is something about him that makes me think of Ed Sheeran, but he has a sound that is all his. It’s rare to hear this style of music played and sung so beautifully by a male vocalist. This kid has more than enough talent to give even Ed a run for his money.  Extremely talented at songwriting, guitar and piano, something about this young man’s music suggests a future hit love song that will be on every wedding playlist, likely as the first song or the traditional father-daughter dance. Those are the kind of ballads that are timeless, and evoke fond memories and tears of either happiness or sadness for decades to come. If anyone has the potential and talent to create one of those timeless ballads, it’s Kevin Garrett. You won’t have to watch out for this young man, because you will be hearing more from him. Just wait.

by Melissa Petters


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